Love for animals

The love for all living creations is the noblest attribute of a human. Our two and four-legged friends brighten up our lives just by existing. They are a crucial part of our ecosystem and without them, we humans don't have a future. So it's time to give back the unconditional love, companionship, and love we receive from them.

Love for Animals (LFA) is an initiative to spread kindness towards all animals, be it the cows, elephants, stray dogs, the hungry kitten in your society or even the pigeon that builds a nest outside your home. We want to help people develop better relationships with animals and foster a feeling of love, care and compassion towards these sentient beings.

Join us in our effort to provide support and security to our animal friends so that they can live the life they deserve.

Remember, true to YVO Standards, 100% of your donation will be utilized towards the cause of animal welfare, with no admin cost. Pour your heart and contribute to the Love for Animals initiative to extend your support.

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